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Moving Your Scooter Economically While Keeping It Safe during Transit

August 24th, 2010

When it comes to moving your scooter, it is important for you to keep in mind that it is a little different from shipping cars. Since a car has four wheels and a reliable brake system, it has more stability as compared to scooters. That is the reason it is always advisable to get help from professional scooter movers for this purpose. The moving professionals know how to keep the scooter stationary while that is being transported. The problem with a scooter is that it has only two wheels and one stand, which is not enough to keep it stationary during the long journey.

Scooter shipping companies use closed carriers specifically designed to carry scooters only. Moving your scooter in these closed carriers provide optimum protection to your vehicle while it is in transit. Some companies use special tracks to keep the scooters safe during the journey while others use palettes specifically designed to serve the same purpose.

The cost of moving scooter depends mainly on two factors – the kind of services you opt for and how far the new destination is. Though scooter shipping may take the same space as do car shipping (when you consider the closed carrier and other arrangements), it is not recommended at all to use a car shipping company for moving your scooter. You should always hire a professional mover who specializes in scooter shipping. That will keep things economical and reliable for you.

It would be wise to fill an online quote form to get more details on the kind of options available out there for you and the one that is the best for moving your scooter.

Auto Moving Guides: Helping You Find the Best Possible Service

August 17th, 2010

Moving is always a task full of hassles, it becomes even more cumbersome if there is a vehicle which needs to be transported. If you are looking for an auto moving service, auto moving guides are the best way to find a good, reliable and trustworthy service provider which will transport your vehicle to wherever you desire.

If you are looking to get your car transported but are worried that it might get damaged on the way. Do not worry as there are many good transport services which work towards ensuring that your vehicle reaches you in time and in a good condition. A car moving guide is one of the better ways to find one such auto transport service provider.

How Auto Moving Guides Help

By giving you a wide range of options, auto moving guides help you in picking a service which will suit you the best, both in terms of requirements and budget. When it comes to car transportation, there are various options available; each designed to meet a specific set of needs and budget.

Only you can ultimately, decide which service will suit you the most, but thanks to auto moving guides, you have many options to choose from. This would definitely, make things easier!

Auto moving guides will help you find the perfect car transporter. You can fill up an online form and obtain a free quote so that it is easier for you to decide.

Truck Rental Quotes and Other Things to Consider When Renting a Truck

August 10th, 2010

Besides truck rental quotes there are several other things that you need to consider when renting a truck. One of the first things that you need to consider is the size of the truck that you are going to require.

In order to determine the right size you need to make an inventory of the stuff that you are going to move. If you are confused, you can contact the moving truck rental company to help you out.

As a general rule, a 10-foot truck is equivalent to a bedroom in a small apartment. Basically it would be around 350 cubic feet. Similarly, a 15-foot truck is around 750 cubic feet and a 20-foot moving truck is equivalent to 1,250 cubic feet.

It is advisable to rent a larger truck than required. If you opt for a small truck, you might have to make an extra trip. That will end up costing you more.

Besides the truck size you would also like to consider the moving truck rental price. Obviously if you are moving locally it would cost you less than if you are moving out of state. In order to find out how much it would cost, you can get online truck rental quotes.

Cost is always an important factor when you rent a moving truck. If you can time your move during the off-season, you can save money. The peak moving season begins in May and lasts till middle of September. Moreover, if you plan your move during the middle of the month, you can save on rental charges.

After getting truck rental quotes you can also negotiate the price.

Useful Moving Tips for Effortless Moving

August 3rd, 2010

Thousands of people move everyday but for most them it is a harrowing experience. However, some planning and our moving tips can make an efficient and effective moving experience.

Here is some handy help.

Plan Well: One of the basic moving tips is a very simple. Before you actually start moving, rehearse the actual move. Make a list of the items that you will be moving to your new place. Categorize them. Keep this paper handy whilst moving. This will help to prioritize items that need to be moved first and track items that get misplaced. You may require moving help to move your large appliances.

Get Enough Packing Material: Get enough packing boxes and packing tape. Return any unused boxes and get a refund. Have extra boxes for items which you will pack only on the last day.

Economize Your Space: If you can manage to pack your items efficiently, it will save you a lot of space. Use your shopping bags to stuff closet items. Ferry them in your car. Pack all your clothing and belongings tightly in the wardrobe. This way your belongings will stay exactly as they were before, after you have moved.

Keep All Valuables with You: Never trust your mover with your valuables. Some of them may be irreplaceable. Keep all silverware, jewelry and cash with you. You could carry them in your car. Things such birth certificates, insurance papers, bank and school records, bills and phone numbers should also be carried along in person.

By following these tips for moving you can make your move a lot smoother. Fill out our moving quote form, here.

Advantages of Minnesota Self Service Movers

July 27th, 2010

Advantages of Minnesota Self Service Movers

Now there is no need to hire rental trucks and do the driving yourself or to wait weeks for reserving a moving van. Everything required for moving your essentials can now be easily managed by Minnesota self service movers.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring Self Service Movers?

Hiring any of the Minnesota self service mover means affordable, fast, and reliable way of moving goods, whether household or commercial. When you hire reliable self-service movers, you get professional drivers who deliver properly maintained moving trailers to your residence. Then you load your packed goods in the trailer and secure them with the help of dividers or partitions.

You just have to decide on which day you want to shift your goods, call the service, trailer will come to your place and pick up your packed goods. In a self service moving the important advantage is that since you have packed your goods all by yourself, you know exactly which box contains what. Self service movers are the perfect way to move goods, and if you have a good team of professionals on your side, nothing can go wrong.

You not only save a lot of money with Minnesota local apartment movers, your goods are totally protected and they move exactly as per your schedule. With professional Dallas movers you get to move your goods whenever you want and wherever you want.

Before hiring Minnesota self service movers, you can ask for a free quote service that is available right on the website. By this you will get an idea about your moving costs and would be able to easily estimate the overall costs. Ask for a free quote now!

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Moving trucks—does size matter?

May 31st, 2010

Moving trucks

Moving trucks provided by various moving companies come in different sizes and models. Here are tips on how to get the right size truck for your move.

If you are moving and you think about a moving truck, the first thing that comes to your mind is the size of the truck. You don’t care whether the truck is red or white! The size of the moving truck means a lot for your move. Whether you are getting moving services from a long distance moving company or from local movers, the size of the moving truck that you ask will in the end contribute to the overall cost of your move.

Various moving companies have come up with various standard sizes of the moving trucks. When you describe your move, the moving companies will suggest a truck that you should hire and they will charge you accordingly. A large moving truck is more expensive than a small moving van. Here are some tips that will shed more light on what to consider before determining what moving truck to go for.

• First, many moving companies have three main sized of moving trucks, which include: 15 foot, 20 foot and 24 foot moving truck. Other common sizes of the moving trucks include 26 foot, 17 foot and 14 foot.
• If you have a four bedroom house, then a 26 foot moving truck will be sufficient for you. If you have a three bedroom house, then a 24 foot will do. If you have 2 to 3 bedroom house, then a 17 foot moving truck will and if you a 1 to 2 bedroom house a 14 foot moving truck will be enough for your move.
• There are smaller moving trucks or moving vans which are 10 foot and they are ideal for a studio of a small 1 bedroom apartment.
• Always rent a moving truck that is slightly more than what may be ideal for your move. It’s better to have some space left in the moving truck than to have your stuff left for lack of space!
• You should also consider the maneuverability of the truck in your area and also in the new area. If a big truck can’t maneuver the areas, you should go for smaller moving vans.

Moving truck rental—tips on renting moving truck

May 27th, 2010

Moving truck rental

Moving truck rental could be a great way to save your money while moving. Here are tips on how to go about renting a truck for your move.

One way you can save your money while moving is by renting a truck and driving it yourself. But all said and done, moving truck rental need to be done carefully to avoid unplanned expenses and misfortunes. Here are tips on all that is involved in moving truck rental.

1. When choosing a moving truck or a moving van, it’s recommended that you avoid peak seasons like summers and weekends. Asking for free moving quotes from the moving truck rental company may help you to compare the timings and the corresponding charges so you can plan accordingly.

2. Never rent a truck unless you understand the terms and conditions stipulated in the contract. Some terminologies used may be hard to understand but may negatively bind you if you don’t adhere to them. It’s not foolishness to ask over and over until you understand. Take time to understand their moving insurance policy as well.

3. Always test drive your moving truck before taking it for the trip especially if you are embarking on a long distance move.

4. Understand the pricing. Local movers often charge per day. State to state movers often charge on one-way basis whereby you pick the moving truck from one location and drop it to another. You will be required to pay deposit before taking the moving truck or moving van.

5. Make sure you have a valid driver’s license and that you check with the age requirement from the moving company you are renting the moving truck from. Some moving companies allow an age limit of 18 while others may allow those with 25 years and over to rent their trucks.

6. Other tips that may help you include cleaning the truck after use to avoid penalties, taking time to understand how driving the truck may be different from driving your car and getting the right insurance cover.

Moving services—tips for first time movers

May 24th, 2010

tips for first time movers

Moving services should be selected meticulously. Here are some moving tips on how to choose moving services especially for first time movers.

  • Moving services includes getting a moving truck or a moving van; getting the right moving insurance cover, getting the required moving accessories among other services.
  • As a first time mover, you need to have a cool mind. First of all you should make a moving checklist and create a folder for the move. The moving checklist might be so populated that you start to panic. DON’T. Be calm and be willing to be helped in getting the right moving services.
  • Get help! Surely you need help. It’s not a shame to ask your mother or your girlfriend to led hand for your move. Moving companies may be willing to offer their professional moving services including lifting your heavy stuff, loading and unloading your moving truck etc, but this may come at a cost. Cut that cost by asking your friends and relatives to help you.
  • Eat. Yes, I mean it. Many first time movers are so engrossed in their move that they lose appetite as they lose their mind. Even if you are not embarking on a long distance move, you should take time to eat well. This will keep your energy levels high. Get snacks and water ready for you and your movers to grab while on the move.
  • Ask questions! No one will think you are a fool if you ask the moving company you are getting moving services from about moving insurance or details about moving truck rental. It’s better to be called a fool than to find yourself in a financial mess that may land you to jail!
  • Lastly, don’t forget to ask for free moving quotes. After all they are free and they will help you to know approximately how much money you need for your move. Did I say lastly? Well this is the last thing—good luck!

Moving quotes — tips on avoiding moving scams by cheacking the moving companies quotes

May 21st, 2010

tips on avoiding moving scams

Moving quotes can be deluding at times, especially if issued by untrustworthy moving companies. Here are tips to how you can avoid being duped by ‘free moving quote’.

Moving quotes, without doubts, is a necessity for any type of a move these days. Many years ago, there was nothing like moving quotes until the Household Goods Transportation Act of 1980 was passed. This act allowed companies to bid for prices or compete on prices. Initially, Transport matters were handled by Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC), until the congress abolished it in 1985.

With amendments in transport laws the changes brought by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which is part of the Federal Department of Transportation (DOT), moving companies must cut their margin of profits for the sake of their clients. This means, moving companies must bid for your move and this is done by issuing no-obligation moving quotes and giving you a change to choose the mover of your preference.

This is a good arrangement especially if you are planning a long distance move and need moving services of state to state movers. But do you remember our famous American proverb, that there is no such thing as free lunch? Well, I don’t say there is nothing like free moving quotes but you should research more on these moving quotes to avoid finding yourself in a moving scams are there.

Moving companies involved in scams know very well it takes time to resolve matters arising from moving and the greatest punishment they get is a fine that often is less than what they have taken from you. For this reason, you should ask the movers as many questions as possible when you get these free moving quotes. You should also go by reputation. Don’t fall for a mover just because he is the cheapest in town.

Lastly, never entertain movers who send you ready made moving quotes. Trusted companies will send their experts and representatives to inspect your stuff and get the nature of the move before sending you the moving quotes.

Moving company—Danger signs to look for

May 17th, 2010

Signs to look with a moving company

Moving company—tips on how you can have a stress free move by finding various danger signs for detecting untrustworthy movers so that you settle for trusted moving companies.

1. Show me the money

When you start your search for the moving companies, you may need to call and ask what each moving company is offering. A trusted moving company will be true to their words and policies though they lose you. But a bad moving company will be eager to demand a down payment ‘to block’ the place for you. If they ask for payments to cover packing materials, you should be cautious. A good moving company will include that, if it really exists, in their total charges.

2. BBB status

A quick place to find if you are dealing with a trusted mover is by checking with the Better Business Bureau. Companies who have a bad record here may surely get you in the same hook unless they have been cleared. Find also if the company is a known member of associations such as American Moving and Storage Association as well as The Household Good Forwarders Association of America.

3. Too eager to help?

Most trusted moving companies will be fully booked many weeks in advance. If you call a moving company and find out that they can move you any day you want, then you should research more on them. Genuine companies will be booked for a long time especially on weekends, end months and holidays.

4. No survey, just quick estimates

Untrustworthy movers will not bother to come to your house to do a survey before giving moving quotes and estimates. They will insist on sending you the quotes saying it will cost you more if they send someone there.

5. Let’s talk weights

Be careful when a moving company insists on charging you or giving you estimates based on weight. It’s hard to estimate weight unless the cargo is really weighed and you will come to know about the weight only when the moving process has begun. A good moving company will give estimates based on the space your stuff will occupy on the container or moving truck.