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Moving Insurance Guide

Because no one can guarantee a hundred percent reliability in moving your belongings form your current home to the new one undamaged, not even yourself, you should make the pertinent arrangements for some kind of insurance benefit related to insurance on the move to cover your possessions.

Check for Moving Insurance First!

During the first personal contact you establish with the prospective relocation companies, introduce the subject of insurance policies, insurance plans and insurance coverage in the conversation.

Every professional relocation company will offer insurance plans to their customers according to the needs and wants communicated by them, or at least in accordance to the government’s regulations.

Check The Coverage Given to You By The Movers

Check the moving companies‘ terms for insurance coverage to determine the amount of liability of each one of the relocation companies you are considering. Identify in the document what kind of valuation method is utilized by that specific moving company: Declared value, Lump sum value, or Full value protection.

Likewise, read the contract carefully and find the section in which you are to quote the estimated value of your belongings. Should anything be confusing or unclear, ask the moving company representative to explain the item (s) you do not comprehend until you completely understand its meaning.

It is also prudent you talk to any of the insurance agents from your Homeowners Insurance Company and refresh the kind of coverage that particular policy offers over your personal property. The insurance benefit derived from this sort of insurance covers is generally about 10% of the value of your personal belongings. Although by no means a recommendable type of insurance plan for insurance on the move on its own, Home Owners insurance plans are an excellent addition to the insurance coverage offered by most relocation companies.

With the insurance plans information you have received from the relocation companies in mind, begin calculating the insurance quote pertinent to your possessions. Assess the items to be covered by the insurance policies and create an inventory of them that contains detailed individual and total information about what you are relocating, its weight, and its replacement value. It is advisable at this point that you take a couple of pictures of the items to be covered by insurance plans.

You need to have a good idea about he items you need to insure

Once you have a good idea of the items you wish to cover it should not pose a problem to insurance agents, companies or relocation companies to offer you a more definite insurance quote and information about their plans. A careful coverage will facilitate any insurance claims should you need to file one. However, from the time you file your insurance claims it may take anything form 30 days to 120 for the mover to reply.

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