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Moving Your Pets

Moving Pets – Just as much as for any other family member moving is a stressful time for animal pets. If you want to be sure moving your pets will not dramatically affect your them and that it will be carried out as proficiently as possible, here are a few practical helpful moving with pets hints.

Moving With Pets – Plan Ahead

This is the fundamental factor to moving your pets, no matter if the relocation is to a nearby neighborhood or to a different country. Create a list of thins to do and follow it step by step. Do not leave anything for the last minute since it could cause great stress for you and your pet.

Maintain the daily routine

No matter how organized and diligent your moving shipping activities are, they may seem utterly chaotic to your pet. Offer it some relief by keeping its daily routine intact for as long as possible. During the day of the moving, consider placing your pet at a friend or relative’s home until the new home is completely ready for your pet to move in and continue its regular routine. Alternatively, pet kennels are a safe option. Remember, a scared or upset pet could attempt running away and get injured or lost in the process. Avoid these scenarios by keeping it safely away from the moving upheaval.

Plan a visit to the vet

Ask to see your pet’s vet well in advance before the day you are moving with your animal pets. Make sure all the vaccinations and permits are in order and that not further documentation and/or vaccination is necessary. Different states and countries may require a different set of documentation and vaccinations for the kind of pet you have. Have the vet perform a complete physical exam of your pet and ask him for referrals to other veterinarians in your new area of residence as well as for your pet’s records. In addition, double check with the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) for the names of veterinarians near your new home.

ID your pet properly

A very important step when moving your pets from current residence to new one is to replace the old ID tags for new ones where the new address and phone number are clearly stated. It is also advisable to keep resent pictures of the animal pets handy along with their records and legal documentation, especially when going through international moving experiences.

Keep your pet secure and comfortable

Make sure your pet is being transported safely by offering a comfortable, sturdy, isolated carrier and by making sure it will never remain under extreme weather conditions. If you are moving with pets abroad, talk to the airline about counter-to-counter options for transporting and moving your pets. Although a bit more expensive, it will safe you lots of stress. As a last resource, you may also as your vet for some tranquilizing drugs to help your pet with the moving shipping leg of the relocation.

Remember moving pets is easy when using the right service – Get a quote online and ask the moving company for additional information and tips in the subject!