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Moving Time Table

In order to make your moving checklist simpler to follow and less stressful, it is always recommended you divide it in a few, more specific moving lists based on the moving table of your relocation.

In other words create a moving time table and create a moving list for each of the periods allocating the tasks you have already pin down on your universal moving lists to each one of the time periods’ lists. No matter if you are moving one way, considering an international moving, or moving within the same neighborhood, the following moving time table structure will be of great help.

Few months in advance

If you are moving abroad and need to learn a new language, or to take care of working permits and other immigration documents, permits and licenses, consider doing so with time since some of these procedures could take longer than two months.

Four to three weeks before the moving date

· Assess your house belongings to have a better idea of the size and nature of your move.
· Make pertinent research about prospective moving companies, truck rentals, self-storage companies, etc.
· Choose a moving company and ask them for an in-home moving estimate. Like wise, sit with the relocation company representative and have an in-depth conversation about the kind of insurance coverage offered by them.
· Buy the packing supplies needed fro the house moving (moving boxes, bubble wrap, tape, etc).
· Pack away any out-of-season clothing and dispose of any unnecessary, broken, unwanted items.
· If you are planning an international moving, this is the time to have all the pertinent documents, tickets, reservations, health records and the like taken care of. Contact the pertinent places and ask your relocation company for assistance.
· Call your health care practitioners, veterinarians, schools, etc and ask them for all pertinent records.
· Start organizing tax and insurance records, marriage certificates, social security papers, and any other legal documents and assessing whether or not you will have to up date, transfer, or re-issue some of them.
· Transfer plants to plastic pots.

Two weeks before

· Take care of your change of address and forwarding mail through your local post office branch.
· Transfer memberships, subscriptions, utility companies services, online and offline services, to the pertinent branches in your new place of residence. If you have to close or cancel some of those accounts and services ask them to do so on the most appropriate day according to your moving time table and house moving date.
· Keep in touch with your movers and packers/moving services.
· Look at your moving checklist to make sure you are on top of things.
· Take your vehicle for a thorough examination.
· Check with you Homeowner insurance agent about the coverage of this policy.
· Confirm all travel reservation if you have not done so already.
· Pay a visit to the veterinarian’s office.

A week before

· Start packing.
· As you pack, make a final inventory of your belongings.
· Plan activities for your children on the day of the moving.
· Have your car washed in and out.

The day before

· Clean and defrost the fridge.
· Set aside any toiletries, water, contracts and documents, keys, cash, etc you will need handy the next day.

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