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Moving with Kids

The array of mixed feelings when relocating may become even more complicated when moving with kids is on the list. To help you and your kids deal with this significant change read on and follow our moving with children advice.

Notify the kids far in advance about your relocation plans

No matter what the reasons for your relocation, the best thing is to always make the children in your family part of the news by letting them know soon enough they will be moving into a new home. Make the breaking news reach their targets by speaking positively about change and the new home. Accentuate the positive features of the new home and neighborhood and comfort your child/children by telling them the family nucleus will remain intact.

Take your children for a test drive

If time and distance permit it, take your children for a ride in the new neighborhood and show them their new home, school, park, etc. Moving away with children tends to be a lot easier when they become part of the process and know in advance what to expect and how things will look. Talk to them about the new place and neighborhood and ask them what they think their new life will be like. If possible, have them help you make some of the moving decisions like choosing the wall color in their rooms. These sort of dialogs and participation will help you recognize any anxieties and worries your kids may have regarding moving to a new place and will help you assist them in overcoming them and embracing the change.

Plan on creating some rituals

To make the moving away with children smother, pay special attention to the little family or individual rituals that take place in your family and give them special attention during the last few weeks before moving. Likewise, create some fun moving rituals that will help the kids come to terms with the fact that they are moving away. In addition, once the moving with kids is over and you arrive in your new home, try to provide the proper conditions to recreate all, or most of the rituals your family carried out at your previous home. This will help the relocation with kids as seamless as possible. It is also recommended to create a welcoming ceremony in which all family members will participate. Some sort of nice surprise like balloons or a new pet is in order. An extra piece of advice for this part of the relocating with children logistic: keep it simple, loose, and cheerful.

Make them part of the moving

Although the actual moving with kids may be not recommended, have them pack their own rooms and help unpacking them. If they are too little to help, arrange for them some activities in the neighborhood while assembling their rooms first so they can come to their own room at the new home once they finish with their activities.

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