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Packing Guides

Moving and packing

Moving and packing tips are as helpful in assisting you relocating successfully, as a good step-by-step explanation to a recipe is essential to the proper outcome of a dish. The following packing tips for moving will serve you as packing guides to help you pack away your belongings in the most effective manner.

The first two tips on packing on these packing guides are:
1) assess your belongings;
2) classify your household goods into groups.

By evaluating the objects, furniture and appliances you have at your current residence, you will be able to understand the nature, size, and weight of the things you need to pack and move straight to tip number 2: Classify your belongings.

Moving List

Create a moving list with a few entries, i.e.: heavy furniture, book/magazines/papers, decoration items, electric appliances, etc. Alternatively, make a moving list with the names of the rooms at your home: living room, bathroom, kitchen, master room, etc. Try to determine the amount of loose things, fragile items, edible and non edible items, free standing furniture, heavy appliances, etc. in every room that can be placed under the universal packing list you have created.
This simple step will yield in return very accurate packing lists regarding what kind and amount of packing materials (boxes, bubble wrap, tape, labels, cushion pads, etc) you should buy and in which order and how your belongings should be packed away.

Concise Packing Plan

The next tip on these packing guides: build a concise packing plan in the form of a visual check off table to go together with your checklist for moving. Schedule when and how each room should be packed and by whom. Although somewhat obvious, this step is one of the most overlooked ones in packing lists and plans, but one of the best moving packing tips to follow in order to keep things organized and in track.

how to pack your belongings

Next in our packing guides, let us move into how to pack your belongings. The best packing help we can offer you is to highlight the incredible advantage packing your things room-by-room offers. Pack every room individually starting from the less transited/crucial ones and ending at the most utilized rooms. Place belongings that share similar functions, weight, shape, or material (like clothes and linens, or books and magazines) together in the same boxes. Keep fragile items on the side and pack them carefully into boxes filled with Styrofoam peanuts after being wrapped in bubble wrap. Leave all heavy furniture and objects to be loaded into your moving transport singularly, but protect their surfaces with foam or linens, and cover any protuberant pointy edges with pads. Keep boxes light enough to be carried comfortably.

As part of the universal tips on packing, and the last tip of our packing guides: label each box according to its contents, approximate weight, the room it belongs to and the way it should be carried and placed on the ground. In addition, state your name, permanent address and contact number clearly on each box and belonging.

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