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After the Move

Once your household belongings are in the new home and pretty much in place, you will have to give closure to the relocation experience at least from the practical point of view. Follow this concise after the move guide for some helpful advice on how to perform some smart moves to finish the moving in, and begin a new life.

Take care of your children needs

Adapt the new home to your children so that they feel home. Arrange their rooms, make space for their games, if you need any security features like safety gates, now is the time to have it done.

Call the new school to double check everything is in order with your children’s records and to find out about social activities like sports, dance classes, or a reading club for your children. In addition, contact the Chamber of Commerce for information on children and teenager’s hobby stores, adventure parks, libraries, clothing stores, etc. Look on the Internet for local associations, groups or places offering cultural, social and sport activities for children in your kids’ age group.

Set up, register, and transfer

If you did not do so before the relocation, you will have to take care of it after the move. Contact the local board of elections and inquire about procedures for registration to vote. Once registered, ask them to notify your preceding voting district about the change of voting districts. If you have experienced an out of state move, you will need to contact the local Department of Motor Vehicles to request a new driver’s license and license plate/tag. Transfer and up date your insurance through a local insurance agent according to the new needs and possessions you may have. Set up new accounts for online and offline services like electricity, gas, water, bank accounts, veterinarians, doctors, subscriptions, memberships, deliveries, etc. Go to the post office and fill-in a change-of-address form. Get all your medical records transferred to your new health care practitioners no matter if you experienced a local or an out of state move.

Get acquainted with the neighborhood and the area

One of the best moving tips to follow is to get out of your home and begin exploring the new area you live in. Start talking with your new neighbors, parents at your children’s school, co-workers, etc. about the new neighborhood and begin familiarizing yourself with the lifestyle of that particular area by becoming part of a social, cultural and/or sport-like activities.

Call the local Department of Sanitation to be informed on which days the garbage is collected and whether there are recycling programs in the community. It is recommended that after your house moving you find out where the closet police station, hospital, fire station, gas station and food store are.

The period right after the move may be the hardest part of the relocation process, but with a good disposition and some work you will be leaving the moving boxes behind and heading into a new life.

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