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Extraordinary Value Items

The term “extraordinary value items” is applied to any of your household objects with a value greater than $100.00 per pound per article.

This extraordinary value items may include vintage items, collectors’ items and/or antique items in any of the following forms:

  • Art collections
  • Jewelry
  • Currency/coin collections
  • Stamps
  • Silver, gold precious gems and stones
  • Silverware
  • D?cor objects
  • Video cameras and computer software
  • Oriental rugs

If you possess any of the extraordinary value items included in the previous list or any other vintage items, collectors’ items or/and antique items of a value greater than $100.00 per Lb. per object, talk to your movers and packers about it.

Make a Complete Inventory Before the Movers Arrive

Make a complete inventory of them and make sure you properly fill and sing the High Value Inventory sheet your moving company will provide. Should you forget, neglect or fail to fill this important document, the relocation company will be liable only for the total value of the shipment you declared and for a total of no more than $100.00 per pound per item based on the actual weight of the article. Nevertheless, have in mind that shipments under the “basic carrier liability” will not be subject to the fore mentioned loss and damage policy.

If you Can Take Them – Don’t Move Them!!

If your extraordinary value items list is short and does not include items that need to be packed and carried by professional packers and movers, one of the best moving tips is to take them along with you in a special bag or box.

This way you will be personally taking care of those valuable objects and keeping them by your side or in a protected concealed place until you have made it to your new home.

Vintage, Collectors and Antique

In case your vintage items, collectors’ items and antique items require especial packing and transport, you should look up on the Internet and the Yellow pages for companies who specialize in that kind of item’s relocation.

If your extraordinary value items do not fall within a particular category or are varied in nature, you may want to check with the same moving company that is taking care or your relocation for advice on how can they assist you moving those items.

It is very important you make sure to check with your movers and packers all the paper work, insurance coverage, liabilities and fees related to the packing and transport of those very special items.

Make sure you understand and agree to the conditions before you sign any papers.

Good Luck!

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