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How to pick a mover

Choosing a professional relocation company is fundamental to the sound development of your relocation whether it local, across the country or international.

How to pick a mover that is reliable and competent requires researching various categories of information. Nonetheless, the work is worth the effort since your dear belongings will be in the hands of the movers you will choose.

Assess your household belongings

Before contacting any of the moving companies in your area, take a look around your home and decide what items will be coming with you and what ones will be left behind. This simple moving tip will allow you to clearly understand the nature of your relocation and the most suitable moving service for it.


Look for moving companies in the Yellow Pages and the Internet, or call some real state agents, friends and relatives and ask them for the name of a relocation company they trust. Check up the company information through their Internet site and by calling the Secretary of State office of your area. In addition, call the company and ask them for their business license and insurance information as well as for their DOT and MC numbers, and DBA (doing business as) name, address and phone numbers. Confirm the information received with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA), the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In addition, ask the prospective relocation company for references and confirm their reputation through them.

Shop about

One of the important factors in how to pick a mover lays on the amount of services the company is able to offer, and the cost of those services. Companies offering a wider spectrum of services like auto transport, international relocation, packing, storage units, truck rentals, real state services, etc. are more likely to be more stable and therefore count with the licenses, permits and reputation you will be looking for. On the other side, a company that focuses on one kind of relocation service may be also the way to go for very particular moving projects like relocating with plants, or moving abroad.

Ask for in-home estimates of the total relocation cost as well as for explanations of the monthly dates and yearly season in which the relocation company rates may droop down. Talk to a competent representative about insurance coverage and policies covering loss and damage. You will also want to make sure you understand and agree with the contract you will be signing with them and with the extra costs policies regarding special services or any other financial fee you are to pay.

Make a decision

When trying to decide how to pick a mover properly, go with the moving company that seems more reliable and professional instead of settling for the lowest deal. A relocation company that suits your needs and covers you all across the board is a much better choice than a company that is trying to sale you their services by lowering their rates.