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Q & A for Movers

Some of the frequently asked questions about self service movers are:

Q: When is the trailer obtainable for loading and unloading?

A: Delivery of the trailer for loading and unloading is only obtainable Monday – Friday. On the other hand, if a trailer is delivered for loading on a Friday, pick-up of the loaded trailer is not to be done until the following Tuesday. You will have a total of 48 hours to load and unload your belongings.

Q: What happens to the rest of the trailer at that time and what is a Sealed Divider?

A: Your shipment is loaded initially into the front of the trailer and unloaded last. As your shipment is the only domestic commodities shipment on the trailer, the mover needs a Sealed Divider to divide your shipment from the rest of the commercial shipments. A Sealed Divider is a partition that you or the driver installs after your freight is loaded to protected and part your objects from other shipments on the trailer. Your shipment will not be moved throughout transportation.

Q: Where can self service movers transport the domestic shipment?

A: Self service movers can organize the move of your domestic objects to anywhere in the world.

Q: How and when the payment should be done for the move?

A: As per standard company rules most of the movers used to take the full payment in advance before the pick up of your loaded trailer from your origin. An advance deposit is taken by many movers at the time of booking of trailer.

Q: What are the available sizes of the trailers?

A: The trailers are 28’ to 53’ commercial trailers with inside magnitudes of 8 feet wide and 9 feet tall. Holds from 14,000 # to 24,000# of domestic commodities.

Q: Will there be any other domestic shipments on the trailers?

A: Your shipment will be the only shipment of domestic commodities on the trailer. With any room that is left on the trailer, after placing the Sealed Divider, the transporter will be loading commercial cargo behind your shipment.