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Having played a prominent role in the Revolutionary War by serving as the Continental Army’s major supplier Connecticut is sometimes called the “Arsenal of the Nation.” The state is considered one of the most industrialized in the nation. if you are looking forward to moving to this 3rd Smartest State* in America, one of the most reputed and licensed Connecticut Movers – Connecticut Moving Company is here to help you relocate.

And, if you are fond of dabbling in the culinary arts, Connecticut is the place where most of it started, for it was in Hartford, way back in 1796, that the first American Cookbook was published from this state!

Connecticut owes its origin to the Dutch navigator, Adriaen Block who was the first European to explore the area as he sailed up the Connecticut River in 1614. In 1633, Dutch colonists built a fort and trading post near present-day Hartford but soon lost control to English Puritans from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Later, Windsor, Wethersfield, and Hartford united in 1639 to form the Connecticut Colony under the Fundamental Orders, the first modern constitution. Today, Connecticut factories produce weapons, sewing machines, jet engines, helicopters, motors, hardware and tools, cutlery, clocks, locks, silverware, and submarines.

Connecticut leads New England in the production of eggs, pears, peaches, and mushrooms, and its oyster crop is the nation’s second largest. Poultry and dairy products also account for a large portion of farm income. Connecticut is a popular resort area with its 250-mile Long Island Sound shoreline and many inland lakes.

Among the major points of interest are Yale University’s Gallery of Fine Arts and Peabody Museum. Other famous museums include the P. T. Barnum, Winchester Gun, and American Clock and Watch. The town of Mystic features a re-created 19th-century New England seaport and the Mystic Marine life Aquarium.

Here are a few quick facts about Connecticut:

Population: 3,510,297

Racial break-up: White: 2,780,355 (81.6%); Black: 309,843 (9.1%); American Indian: 9,639 (0.3%); Asian: 82,313 (2.4%); other race: 147,201 (4.3%); Two or more races: 74,848 (2.2%); Hispanic/Latino: 320,323 (9.4%).

Capital: Hartford

Hartford has the oldest U.S. newspaper still being published—the Hartford Courant, established 1764

The state is the insurance capital of the nation.

Motto: Qui transtulit sustinet (He who transplanted still sustains)

State symbols:

Flower – mountain laurel

Tree – white oak

Animal – sperm whale

Bird – American robin

Hero – Nathan Hale

Heroine – Prudence Crandall

Insect – praying mantis

Mineral – garnet

Ship – USS Nautilus

Shellfish – eastern oyster

Composer Charles Edward Ives

Nickname: Constitution State (official, 1959); Nutmeg State

Origin of name: From an Indian word (Quinnehtukqut) meaning “beside the long tidal river”

10 largest cities: Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford, Stamford, Waterbury, Norwalk, Danbury, New Britain, Bristol, Meriden.

Largest county by population and area: Fairfield and Litchfield.

State forests: 94

State parks: 94

Residents: Connecticuter; Nutmegger

* The smartest State designation is awarded on the basis of 21 factors selected from Morgan Quitno’s Annual Reference Book, Education State Rankings, 2006-2007. Rates for each of the 21 factors were processed through a formula that measures how a state compares to the national average for a given category. The end result is that the farther below the national average a state’s education ranking is, the lower and less smart it ranks. The farther above the national average, the higher and smarter a state ranks.

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