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Georgia Moving Companies

Everything you should know when Moving to Georgia is here to help you find the best moving company in Georgia for all your relocation needs. We provide you with free moving quotes from several movers in GA.

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If you are contemplating relocation to the Peach State, that is Georgia, the 41st Smartest State* in America, Georgia Moving Company, one of the premier relocation companies will be more than glad to assist you in your relocation. We are a registered, licensed and experienced moving consultant, who has first hand knowledge about the State and all its cities. We are proud to present some of its past history as well as some of the most interesting facts about the State, which will help to make your relocation more meaningful.

The State of Georgia owes its origin to Hernando de Soto, the Spanish explorer, who first traveled parts of Georgia in 1540. British claims later conflicted with those of Spain. After obtaining a royal charter, Gen. James Oglethorpe established the first permanent settlement in Georgia in 1733 as a refuge for English debtors. In 1742, Oglethorpe defeated Spanish invaders in the Battle of Bloody Marsh. The largest state in the southeast, Georgia is where The Girl Scouts was founded in Savannah by Juliette Gordon Low in 1912. Atlanta, largest city in the state, is the communications and transportation center for the Southeast and the area’s chief distributor of goods. Georgia is the leading state in America, for the production of paper and board, tufted textile products and processed chicken. Other major manufactured products are transportation equipment, food products, apparel, and chemicals. Important agricultural products are corn, cotton, tobacco, soybeans, eggs, and peaches. Principal tourist attractions in Georgia include the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, Andersonville Prison Park and National Cemetery, Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park, the Little White House at Warm Springs where Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt died in 1945, Sea Island, the enormous Confederate Memorial at Stone Mountain, Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, and Cumberland Island National Seashore.

Here are some interesting quick facts about Georgia:

Capital: Atlanta

Population: 9,072,576

Racial break up: White: 5,327,281 (65.1%); Black: 2,349,542 (28.7%); American Indian: 21,737 (0.3%); Asian: 173,170 (2.1%); other race: 196,289 (2.4%); Two or more races: 114,188 (1.4%); Hispanic/Latino: 435,227 (5.3%).

Georgia produces twice as many peanuts as the next leading state.

From the pine forests of Georgia, come more than half of the world’s resins and turpentine which make up more than 74% of the U.S. supply.

Georgia is a leader in the production of marble, kaolin, barite, and bauxite.

Motto: Wisdom, justice, and moderation

State symbols:

Flower – Cherokee rose

Tree – live oak

Bird – brown thrasher

Nicknames: Peach State, Empire State of the South

Origin of name: In honor of George II of England

10 largest cities: Atlanta, Augusta-Richmond County, Columbus, Savannah, Athens-Clarke County, Macon, Roswell, Albany, Marietta, Warner Robins.

Largest county by population and area: Fulton and Ware

State forests: 6

State parks: 64

* The smartest State designation is awarded on the basis of 21 factors selected from Morgan Quitno’s annual reference book, Education State Rankings, 2006-2007. Rates for each of the 21 factors were processed through a formula that measures how a state compares to the national average for a given category. The end result is that the farther below the national average a state’s education ranking is, the lower and less smart it ranks. The farther above the national average, the higher and smarter a state ranks.

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