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Maine Moving Companies

Maine Moving Companies

Maine Moving Companies – Everything you should know when Moving to Maryland is here to help you find the best moving company in Maine for all your relocation needs.

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For your information and education, we have compiled some of the most interesting historical and social facts about the state, which is ranked as the 5th Smartest State* in America!

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Here some interesting facts about Maine, which form part of the state’s origin

Cabot and his son, Sebastian, are believed to have visited the Maine coast in 1498. However, the first permanent English settlements were not established until more than a century later, in 1623. Long governed by Massachusetts, Maine became the 23rd state as part of the Missouri Compromise in 1820. Maine produces 98% of the nation’s low-bush blueberries. Farm income is also derived from apples, potatoes, dairy products, and vegetables, with poultry and eggs the largest selling items. The state is one of the world’s largest pulp-paper producers. With almost 89% of its area forested, Maine turns out wood products from boats to toothpicks. Maine also leads the world in the production of the familiar flat tins of sardines, producing more than 75 million of them annually. In 2005, Maine lobstermen landed nearly 63 million pounds of lobster.

A scenic seacoast, beaches, lakes, mountains, and resorts make Maine a popular vacationland. There are more than 2,500 lakes and 5,000 streams, plus more than 30 state parks to attract hunters, fishermen, skiers, and campers. Major points of interest are Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park, Allagash National Wilderness Waterway, the Wadsworth-Longfellow House in Portland, Roosevelt Campobello International Park, and the St. Croix Island National Monument.

And now for some quick trivia about Maine:
Capital: Augusta

Population: 1,321,505

Racial break-up: White: 1,236,014 (96.9%); Black: 6,760 (0.5%); American Indian: 7,098 (0.6%); Asian: 9,111 (0.7%); Other race: 2,911 (0.2%); Two or more races: 12,647 (1.0%); Hispanic/Latino: 9,360 (0.7%);

Motto: Dirigo (I lead)

Maine is the most easterly point in the U.S.

State symbols:

Flower – white pine cone and tassel

Tree – white pine tree

Bird – chickadee

Fish – landlocked salmon

Mineral – tourmaline

Animal – moose

Cat – Maine coon cat

Insect – honeybee

Nickname: Pine Tree State

Origin of name: First used to distinguish the mainland from the offshore islands. It has been considered a compliment to Henrietta Maria, queen of Charles I of England. She was said to have owned the province of Mayne in France.

10 largest cities: Portland, 63,889; Lewiston, 36,050; Bangor, 31,074; South Portland, 23,742; Auburn, 23,602; Biddeford, 22,072; Augusta, 18,626; Saco, 18,230; Westbrook, 16,108; Waterville, 15,621

State forests: 1 (21,000 ac.)

State parks: 30+

State historic sites: 18

* The smartest State designation is awarded on the basis of 21 factors selected from Morgan Quitno’s annual reference book, Education State Rankings, 2006-2007. Rates for each of the 21 factors were processed through a formula that measures how a state compares to the national average for a given category. The end result is that the farther below the national average a state’s education ranking is, the lower and less smart it ranks. The farther above the national average, the higher and smarter a state ranks.

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