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Wisconsin Moving Companies

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Everything you should know when Moving to Wisconsin is here to help you find the best moving company in Wisconsin for all your relocation needs. We provide you with free moving quotes from several movers in WI.

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Recognized as a leading State in the production of milk and cheese, Wisconsin is ranked as the 8th Smartest State* in America. Wisconsin Moving Company is ready to help you in your impending relocation to the state.

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For your convenience and knowledge we are giving below some of the most interesting State information, related to Wisconsin. This will familiarize you with the historical background as well as the current state of affairs in the state.

The Wisconsin region was first explored for France by Jean Nicolet, who landed at Green Bay in 1634. Great Britain obtained the region in settlement of the French and Indian Wars in 1763; the U.S. acquired it in 1783 after the Revolutionary War. However, Great Britain retained actual control until after the War of 1812. The region was successively governed as part of the territories of Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan between 1800 and 1836, when it became a separate territory. Wisconsin is a leading state in milk and cheese production. Other important farm products are peas, beans, beets, corn, potatoes, oats, hay, and cranberries. The chief industrial products of the state are automobiles, machinery, furniture, paper, beer, and processed foods. Wisconsin ranks second among the 47 paper-producing states. The state’s mines produce copper, iron ore, lead, and zinc.

Wisconsin is a pioneer in matters related to social legislation, providing pensions for the blind (1907), aid to dependent children (1913), and old-age assistance (1925). In labor legislation, the state was the first to enact an unemployment compensation law (1932) and the first in which a workman’s compensation law actually took effect. In 1984, Wisconsin became the first state to adopt the Uniform Marital Property Act.

The state has over 14,000 lakes, of which Winnebago is the largest. Water sports, ice-boating, and fishing are popular, as are skiing and hunting. The 95 state parks, forests, and recreation areas take up one-seventh of the land. Among the many points of interest are the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore; Ice Age National Scientific Reserve; the Circus World Museum at Baraboo; the Wolf, St. Croix, and Lower St. Croix national scenic river ways; and the Wisconsin Dells.

Here are some quick facts about Wisconsin:
Capital: Madison

Population: 5,536,201

Racial break-up: White: 4,769,857 (88.9%); Black: 304,460 (5.7%); American Indian: 47,228 (0.9%); Asian: 88,763 (1.7%); other race: 84,842 (1.6%); Two or more races: 66,895 (1.2%); Hispanic/Latino: 192,921 (3.6%).

Motto: Forward

State symbols:

Flower – wood violet

Tree – sugar maple

Grain – corn

Bird – robin

Animal – badger

Wild life animal – white-tailed deer

Domestic animal – dairy cow

Insect – honeybee

Fish – musky (muskellunge)

Mineral – galena

Rock – red granite

Symbol of peace – mourning dove

Dog – American Water Spaniel

Beverage – milk

Dance – polka

Nickname: Badger State

Origin of name: French corruption of an Indian word whose meaning is disputed

10 largest cities: Milwaukee, 578,887; Madison, 221,551; Green Bay, 101,203; Kenosha, 95,240; Racine, 79,392; Appleton, 70,217; Waukesha, 67,658; Oshkosh, 63,485; Eau Claire, 62,570; Janesville, 61,962

State parks, forests, and recreation areas: 95

Residents are called: Wisconsinite

* The smartest State designation is awarded on the basis of 21 factors selected from Morgan Quitno’s Annual Reference Book, Education State Rankings, 2006-2007. Rates for each of the 21 factors were processed through a formula that measures how a state compares to the national average for a given category. The end result is that the farther below the national average a state’s education ranking is, the lower and less smart it ranks. The farther above the national average, the higher and smarter a state ranks.

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