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Wyoming Moving Companies

Wyoming Moving Companies

Everything you should know when Moving to Wyoming is here to help you find the best moving company in Wyoming for all your relocation needs.

We provide you with free moving quotes from several movers in WY. Save time and money by using our services and finding moving companies that specialize in the types of moving services that you need.

Wyoming’s towering mountains, grazing lands for sheep and cattle, and vast plains provide spectacular scenery. Nicknamed the ‘Equality State’ Wyoming is ranked as the 19th Smartest State* in America today. Not just the magnificent scenery, Wyoming means many things to many people. Enduring people, unparallel in scenic beauty and its healing hot springs make Wyoming the chosen destination for relocation.

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Our professional services start with a physical inspection of your premises after which we give you our moving quote. We could offer you up to 6 Wyoming moving quotes which will enable you to select the most cost-effective rate which suits your need and budget. Do give us a call and see the difference we can make to your relocation plans.

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Here is a low down of some of the most interesting facts related to Wyoming’s historical past and its present demographic scenario:

The U.S. acquired the land comprising Wyoming from France as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. John Colter, a fur-trapper, is the first white man known to have entered the region. In 1807 he explored the Yellowstone area and brought back news of its geysers and hot springs. In 1834, Fort Laramie, was the first permanent trading post built in Wyoming. Western Wyoming was obtained by the U.S. in the 1846 Oregon Treaty with Great Britain and as a result of the treaty ending the Mexican War in 1848. Mining, particularly oil and natural gas, is the most important industry. Wyoming has the world’s largest sodium carbonate deposits and has the nation’s second largest uranium deposits.

In 2004 Wyoming ranked second among the states in wool production (exceeded only by Texas) and third in sheep and lambs (exceeded only by Texas and California); it also had 1,400,000 cattle. Principal crops include wheat, oats, sugar beets, corn, barley, and alfalfa. Wyoming has many attractions for the tourist trade, notably Yellowstone National Park. Hikers, campers and skiers are attracted to Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole National Monument in the Teton Range of the Rockies. Cheyenne is famous for its annual “Frontier Days” celebration. Flaming Gorge, the Fort Laramie National Historic Site, and Devils Tower and Fossil Butte National Monuments are other points of interest.

Here are some quick facts about Wyoming:
Capital: Cheyenne

Population: 509,294

Racial break-up: White: 454,670 (92.1%); Black: 3,722 (0.8%); American Indian: 11,133 (2.3%); Asian: 2,771 (0.6%); other race: 12,301 (2.5%); Two or more races: 8,883 (1.8%); Hispanic/Latino: 31,669 (6.4%).

When the Wyoming Territory was organized in 1869, Wyoming women became the first in the nation to obtain the right to vote. In 1925 Mrs. Nellie Taylor Ross became the first woman governor in the United States.

Motto: Equal rights

State symbols:

Flower – Indian paintbrush

Tree – cottonwood

Bird – western meadowlark

Fish – cutthroat trout

Gemstone – jade

Mammal – bison

Reptile – horned toad

Nickname: Equality State

Origin of name: From the Delaware Indian word, meaning “mountains and valleys alternating”.

10 largest cities: Cheyenne, 55,731; Casper, 51,738; Laramie, 26,050; Gillette, 22,685; Rock Springs, 18,772; Sheridan, 16,333; Green River, 11,787; Evanston, 11,459; Riverton, 9,430; Cody, 9,100

State parks and historic sites: 24

Residents are called: Wyomingite

* The smartest State designation is awarded on the basis of 21 factors selected from Morgan Quitno’s Annual Reference Book, Education State Rankings, 2006-2007. Rates for each of the 21 factors were processed through a formula that measures how a state compares to the national average for a given category. The end result is that the farther below the national average a state’s education ranking is, the lower and less smart it ranks. The farther above the national average, the higher and smarter a state ranks.

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