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Office movers tips

office movers tips

Getting ready:
Moving office needs to be planned early. Give yourself at least three months to plan for the move. Prepare a detailed moving checklist and stick to it, making changes where necessary. Since you don’t engage in your usual money making ventures while moving, it’s advisable to move in the season when your business is low.

You should familiarize yourself with the new place and get a floor plan for your new office. The floor plan will help you know where the furniture will be placed and where each staff member’s desk will be situated. You should also choose a moving company to move you in advance. If you are moving far, get moving services from state to state movers.

The staff

Let all staff members know about the move. They should be prepared psychologically and those who, for some reasons may not be willing to move, should be helped accordingly. The staff members should start packing their personal belongings in separate boxes and help in packing official documents in well labeled boxes.

The packing

Office movers recommend that personal belonging be packed separately and office stuff be packed in separately. Avoid packing in very large boxes since this may make it hard to load them into the moving trucks or moving vans.

Small items like paper clips and other smaller stationery should be packed in well labeled envelopes. Liquid stationery should be well sealed before packing and those which are wired should be folded and fastened well. Books should be packed in hard cartons and the cartons should be well labeled.

Special care should be taken when packing and handling classified documents. These documents should be handled with supervision from senior management and should be locked away after packing.


Never forget to inform your clients or customers that you are moving. You should also get the right moving insurance cover for your move.