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Auto Transport Guide, Quotes and Tips

Want to ship your car?

It is best to start looking for dependable auto transport guide services well before it is time for you to move. Look for an auto moving service with a good track record, which offers reasonable rates.

Compare quotes

Compare quotes from a few reputable auto transporters. Ask your family, friends, and coworkers to recommend auto transportation companies they have used. You can go through the yellow pages and classified advertisements, and can also get free car transport quotes via the Internet.

See if the staff of the service provider is courteous and helpful. Find out how long the auto transportation company has been in service, and call up references to get their feedback.

Lower is Better?

If you get auto shipping quotes that are much lower than the others, check them carefully to make sure that there are no hidden charges involved.

Find out if you are dealing with an auto car transport company or a broker. Brokers may offer lower rates than auto transport companies, because they have lots of contacts in the industry. They may also provide better service, even though their legal responsibility ends as soon as arrangements have been made with an auto transport company to ship your car.

If a large auto transport truck cannot reach your home, you can hand over your vehicle at a more accessible place. You can also opt for terminal to terminal automobile transport, which is cheaper than door to door auto transport shipping.

If You Have a Very Expensive Car:

If you have an expensive car, you can move it in an enclosed auto transport trailer. This will cost a lot more than moving it in an open auto transport trailer.

Before you ship your car, make a note of the mileage, and see if there are any dents, scratches, or other deterioration.

Inspect it carefully in a brightly lit spot when it is delivered. If you detect any damage that has occurred during the move, mention it on the Bill of Lading and ask the driver to verify it. Inform the car transport company about the damage, and file a claim without delay.

You can get free auto transport quotes from the best auto transport movers in your area, with a few clicks. There are no obligations or costs involved at all. We will not provide your contact information to anyone without your consent.

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