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Moving company—Danger signs to look for

Signs to look with a moving company

Moving company—tips on how you can have a stress free move by finding various danger signs for detecting untrustworthy movers so that you settle for trusted moving companies.

1. Show me the money

When you start your search for the moving companies, you may need to call and ask what each moving company is offering. A trusted moving company will be true to their words and policies though they lose you. But a bad moving company will be eager to demand a down payment ‘to block’ the place for you. If they ask for payments to cover packing materials, you should be cautious. A good moving company will include that, if it really exists, in their total charges.

2. BBB status

A quick place to find if you are dealing with a trusted mover is by checking with the Better Business Bureau. Companies who have a bad record here may surely get you in the same hook unless they have been cleared. Find also if the company is a known member of associations such as American Moving and Storage Association as well as The Household Good Forwarders Association of America.

3. Too eager to help?

Most trusted moving companies will be fully booked many weeks in advance. If you call a moving company and find out that they can move you any day you want, then you should research more on them. Genuine companies will be booked for a long time especially on weekends, end months and holidays.

4. No survey, just quick estimates

Untrustworthy movers will not bother to come to your house to do a survey before giving moving quotes and estimates. They will insist on sending you the quotes saying it will cost you more if they send someone there.

5. Let’s talk weights

Be careful when a moving company insists on charging you or giving you estimates based on weight. It’s hard to estimate weight unless the cargo is really weighed and you will come to know about the weight only when the moving process has begun. A good moving company will give estimates based on the space your stuff will occupy on the container or moving truck.

Relocation companies and how to choose them

relocation companies

Let’s start with the services relocation companies offer. To start with, relocation companies offer various diverse moving services and most have some specialization. One moving company may just be offering state to state moving service while the other may specialize on international relocation. There are of course many others that offer local moving services.

Moving services, as I mentioned, are many and diverse. Some relocation companies may be dealing with house moving while others my concentrate on office moving. Others take areas such as car moving, piano moving or heavy machinery moving. There are companies who offer many moving services together. These relocation companies have been in the moving industry for years and understand all issues that pertain to moving.

Depending on the nature of your move, it is advisable to go for a specialized mover to move you. If you are moving a piano, it is advisable to seek moving services from a piano mover. If you are moving office, then you should go for an office mover. By opting to movers with specialization, you can be guaranteed that your move will be handled by experts in that field.

Getting in touch with movers is not a hard thing. The first place to look for is the internet. You will get thousands of relocation companies here and it’s up to you to research and know which the best moving company to go with is. You can also check on the local directories to find movers.

But you should take time to research on the relocation companies to avoid being duped. Get free moving quotes from the moving companies you shortlisted and choose one that has reliable moving services and fits within your budget. Ask them as many questions as possible and make sure there are no hidden costs after they give you the moving quotes.