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Reserve Your Truck Now

Reserve Your Truck Now

Compare Truck Rental Companies and Reserve Your Truck Today!

The location is chosen, the deal is signed, and now the question that remains is – who is going to do the move? Reserve your truck now.

Full service moving company, or do it yourself?

There used to be only two options – hire a full service moving company, or do it yourself. In a full service move, you hire a team of professionals to pack and load your belongings, drive them to a destination, and then unload and unpack for you. With a do-it-yourself move, you do all the packing, unpacking, loading and unloading; you hire a vehicle, drive it, and take care of any permits or licenses required.

Today, there is a new alternative – self service moving. With this option, you hire a self-service moving company, who brings you crates to fill. They will then load the crates onto a vehicle and drive it to your destination. Once there, they will unload the crates and let you do the unpacking, picking up the vehicle later.

There are many advantages to this system, and it’s important to take a look at all the factors before making a decision. The advantages of a full service moving company are clear – you get experts with the experience necessary to know how to properly handle your belongings. They will also send a large enough staff to carry out the move in an efficient and timely manner. However, you are also entrusting your possessions to another party, and you must be willing to part with a nice sum of money to get their expertise. With a total do-it-yourself move, you will need a lot of extra help at both ends of the move, plus a lot of time to prepare and drive. You may also need a special license depending on what kind of vehicle you rent, and you will need to feel comfortable driving a truck – which is quite different from driving a standard car.

Self service moving companies

The self service moving companies aims to help you take the middle road. You will pay less, but you will still save a lot of time having others do the drive and take care of the paperwork involved – permits and licenses. They will leave the truck by your home for several days, so you don’t feel rushed to pack it up. You also don’t have to worry about driving a large truck, as you would with a complete go-it-alone move. Charges are calculated based on space taken or amount of crates, so there are no surprise fees. Many self-service moving companies are available online and provide well-priced packing supplies to further the ease of the move. With all the options, one will work best for you – weigh all your considerations, and make the smart move!

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