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Movers services for a hustle free move

movers services

Movers services—tips on some of the moving services offered by various moving companies and how you can have a stress free move by knowing details of each.

Self moving

Self moving is where you do all the packing and unloading of your stuff and all a moving company does is driving your stuff to the new location. This type of moving service is gaining popularity since it saves your money and allows you the freedom to pack your stuff the way it feels right for you. A mover will bring their moving trucks or boxes at your house and let you do all the packing and call them when you are done.

Piano moving

Unlike the furniture in your house that can be moved easily, a piano needs care and extra efforts. Not all movers will be willing to move your piano and if you plan to move one, always seek services from qualified piano movers who have the right equipment and manpower to move your piano.

Car moving

Just like piano moving, car moving also needs special kind of a move. A car cannot be put among your normal household stuff. Car moving needs special moving services of car moving companies that that have the experience need for the service and have understood the implications of misfortunes in the process of moving. If you are embarking on a long distance move is advisable to seek moving services of a car mover many weeks in advance to avoid a last moment disappointment.

Free moving quotes and estimates

This is a vital movers’ service you should always ask for.  A reliable moving company will offer you this service free of cost and will even come to your house to make a survey to determine how much the move will approximately cost you. Avoid movers who set the estimates based of weight since it’s hard to know the weight of your stuff unless it’s really weighed and that can only be established during the move.

Relocation companies and how to choose them

relocation companies

Let’s start with the services relocation companies offer. To start with, relocation companies offer various diverse moving services and most have some specialization. One moving company may just be offering state to state moving service while the other may specialize on international relocation. There are of course many others that offer local moving services.

Moving services, as I mentioned, are many and diverse. Some relocation companies may be dealing with house moving while others my concentrate on office moving. Others take areas such as car moving, piano moving or heavy machinery moving. There are companies who offer many moving services together. These relocation companies have been in the moving industry for years and understand all issues that pertain to moving.

Depending on the nature of your move, it is advisable to go for a specialized mover to move you. If you are moving a piano, it is advisable to seek moving services from a piano mover. If you are moving office, then you should go for an office mover. By opting to movers with specialization, you can be guaranteed that your move will be handled by experts in that field.

Getting in touch with movers is not a hard thing. The first place to look for is the internet. You will get thousands of relocation companies here and it’s up to you to research and know which the best moving company to go with is. You can also check on the local directories to find movers.

But you should take time to research on the relocation companies to avoid being duped. Get free moving quotes from the moving companies you shortlisted and choose one that has reliable moving services and fits within your budget. Ask them as many questions as possible and make sure there are no hidden costs after they give you the moving quotes.

Piano mover’s secrets revealed

piano movers tips

Pianos are heavy and need extra skills to move them. Whether you are moving the piano across the room or moving it to another state where you need moving services of state to state movers, proper planning is necessary for the piano move. Some piano movers unfortunately charge more for piano moving sighting the weight involved. It’s true that a spinet or console weighs around three hundred to five hundred pounds and this may go to even a thousand pounds for uprights. Grand pianos range from about five hundred to a thousand pounds, with a concert grand hitting thirteen hundred pounds. Some moving companies will charge you heavily saying they will need to put in more men for the job. The truth of the matter here is three experienced guys can move the piano. What you need is not a football team comprising of heavily muscled men but proper skills and the right equipment!

1. The move

As said above, you need the right equipments and skills to move a piano. The first thing you need to do is to select the right location and get proper dimensions. Don’t move your piano until you make sure that the lid is lowered and locked. There should be one person at the end of the piano if you are moving an upright. If you are moving a grand piano, get three guys, one near each leg and get as much weight off the casters so that it slides with ease. Be sure there are no obstacles on the way and your piano will be moved easily.

2. Services

No matter how confident you are that you can easily move your piano, it’s highly recommended that you get moving services from a qualified piano mover. These tips will help you know what you are paying for but not to make you shun the services of a good piano mover for your piano move.